Stocks To Watch For September 2020

19 August, 2020 No Comments

September brings about its own unique set of challenges; and with the way the year 2020 is going, we can reasonably expect these challenges to be more unique in nature. But for myself, September has always felt like a second…

How Do I Teach My Kid About Investing?

11 August, 2020 No Comments

Teaching your kids to get into investing is a very smart thing to do: it increases awareness of money and finances, promotes accountability, and prevents the development of the dreaded instant gratification trait that so many seem to suffer from….

What Is A Stock Split?

4 August, 2020 2 Comments

With new investors trying their hand at investing every day, markets have started moving with news more than ever before; and as of late, stock splits have been the talk of the town. Some of the most common questions I…

How To Calculate Beta – Page 1/5

26 July, 2020 No Comments

I have a degree in Economics with special interest in Finance and Investing, so apart from English and French, one of my main languages is math. When I first learned about Investment, Risk Management, and Financial Engineering, I felt like…

How To Calculate Beta – Page 3/5

25 July, 2020 No Comments

Intro To Regressions Before I explain how to conduct a regression, I’ll answer the question that is probably on your mind: what is a regression? A regression shows the relationship between two things (let’s call them variables). These variables can…

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