After attending university and graduating with a degree in Economics with special interest in Finance and Investing, I decided to develop my passions of personal finance and investing by focusing on building upon my financial knowledge and literacy, investing strategies, and money management. Learning about finance, investments, risk management, and financial engineering often felt like I was in over my head; the calculus, statistics, and quantitative analysis process was extremely complex and difficult to understand.

But, math doesn’t lie, and it never changes; we do. So after receiving tutoring, mentoring, and some good old fashioned hard work, all the pieces of the process started to click.

Using the education and experience gained, I started building a regimented scheduled based around multiple cornerstones, including money & finance (earning, saving, investing, and increasing passive earning streams).

My goal: to motivate, empower, and inspire people to be the best possible versions of themselves both personally and professionally through making smarter and more rational decisions

Maybe you’re looking for information on:

  • how to earn more and bring home more of your income
  • tips and tricks for increasing your savings
  • my quantitative analysis methods
  • proper investing tactics and strategies for long term growth
  • creating new streams of income (passive or active)
  • the best books to read on investing, saving money, personal finance, or starting a business or side hustle

No matter what chapter you are on in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

This site is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and recommendations for personal finance, economics, and investing. I created this place so I can help others who are going down the same path I’ve been on; whether it’s about investing, saving money, earning more, or preparing for your future.

I don’t claim to be an expert in everything; but I do know a lot about a few things that I am constantly working towards becoming an expert in. I know the experts (or I find them), and act as a connection between them and you.

I hope I can make your life better in any way, small or large. Drop me a line and we can connect one-on-one.

– Savien K